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​Huntertown Lions Soccer 


Huntertown Lions Club Soccer program, the Hurricanes, is a Non-Profit & volunteer based youth program for our community. All Board Members and Coaches are Volunteers. We provide fields, instructional material, balls, training pinnies, training cones and 1st Aid kit for all our coaches. Also, coaches are encouraged to attend  and help out, to get hands-on training at our Academy practices to add to their wealth of knowledge of soccer and coaching!


Indiana Youth Soccer has organized and will oversee operations for the North East Select Soccer League (NESSL)! Which is currently, four Recreational Clubs here in North East Indiana; --Huntertown Lions Soccer Club

--Huntington YMCA Recreational Soccer

--Auburn Rangers YMCA Recreational Soccer

--The Plex, United Cadets Recreational Soccer

Indiana Youth Soccer also announced that they will be changing the name of Indiana Rec+ Soccer to Indiana Select Soccer for the State of Indiana so it is not confused with Indiana Rec Soccer!

The Rec+ schedule will be posted on our NESSL (Rec+) tab!

The NESSL is projected in the Fall to have 2 or 3 more Recreational Clubs.   

Select Age Divisions for the Spring 2017 will be:

11years old and young (Birth year 2006) & 13years old and younger (Birth year 2004)

Huntertown Hurricanes Select Teams

TEAM Hurricane Abe

Under 11 Boys = 6v6 = 12  of 10 slotted athletes:  3 - U8s, 7 - U9s, (2 - U10s Moving up in Fall '17)

Coach -  Jeff Beard, Fred Rechter

Manager - Michelle Dempsey

TEAM Hurricane Adalynn
Under 11 Girls = 6v6 = 12 of 10 slotted athletes:   2 - U8, 4 - U9, (4 - U10s, 2 - U11s Moving to U13)
Coach - Jeremy Ormiston

Manager - Jack Ryan

TEAM Hurricane Aaron & Ace 
Under 13 Coed = 8v8 = 14 of 16 slotted athletes:  5 - U11s, 7 - U12s (2 - U13 Moving to U15)
Coach - John Ryan

Manager - Jeremy Ormiston

TEAM Hurricane Barb (Developing for F2017)

Under 13 Girls = 8v8 = 10 of 12 slotted athletes:   4 - U10, 4 - U11s, 2 - U12s

Coach - Alex Hidy

Manager - VANCANT

TEAM Hurricane Berserk (Developing for F2017)

Under 13 Boys = 8v8 = 2 of 12 slotted athletes:

2 - U10s

TEAM Hurricane Blitz (Developing for F2017)

Under 15 Coed = 8v8 = 2 of 15 slotted athletes:


Manager - VANCANT

TEAM Hurricane Bo (Developing for F2017)

Under 18 High School = 8v8 = 0 of 15 slotted

Coach - Mike Stockel & Jeff Martin

Manager - VANCANT


Early Registration going on for Hurricanes already Registered this Spring until

June 10!!!


Apr 22 - Jun 10 -- EARLY Registration, $50

May 06 -- TEAM & Individual Photos by Varsity Photo
May 27 -- Memorial Day Weekend - Make-up GAMES!!
Jun 03 -- Last Game for U5s & U7s
Jun 10 -- Hurricanes Tournament for U9s - U18s

Jun11- Aug 04 -- OPEN Registration, $65

Jul 31 - Aug 04 --  Skills CAMP - On-site Registration

Aug 05 - Aug 26 -- LATE Registration, $85

**NEW Registers' add $15 Uniform fee **

Jul 29 -- Coaches Meeting / Initial Field Set up

Aug 05 -- Coaches Meeting Final Field Set up & pick up Coach's kits (otherwise they will be left in shed)

Aug 06 - Aug 19 -- Coaches Contact TEAMS - If you have not heard from your coach about Practices & Games Contact

Sep 02 -- Labor Day Weekend

Sep 09 -- First Saturday Games of F2017

Sep 16 or Sep 23 -- Projected Varsity Photo Pictures

Oct 14 -- Last Game for U4s & U6s

Oct 21 -- FALL Break - No Games!

(Make-up Games, if Needed)

Oct 28 -- Hurricanes Tournament, U8-U18

OUR programs


--Recreational/Instructional league
·   Competitive for ages 4-18 or age groups U5 thru U18 

·   Girls divisions (females only) and Co-ed divisions*

·   U5-U7 also received a size 3 ball

·  U8-U18 Athletes are Randomized on Teams  to challenge players and coaches for close competition during Saturday morning games and end of season tournament

·   Saturday games (6 weeks in the Fall @ $55, 6 weeks in the Spring @ $55)
·   Tournament Games an additional week beyond the 6 weeks for U8-U18 tournament)

·   One practice per week (excluding U5-U7, they have 20-30min Academy style practice Saturday mornings)

·   All receive uniform kits include Home/Away jerseys, shorts, and socks
·   IYSA membership
·   In-need scholarships available (download form)
·   Discounts to Volunteer Coordinators
·   Participation awards to all


·   These athletes will play on 2 teams (house Rec team and Rec+ team)

·  They will  have at least 2 practices per week

·  We will set up friendly and sanctioned games against other Clubs in the area

·  Rec+ teams will compete in the Puma tournament in the Fall and Shoot for a Cure tournament in the Spring


--Academy Practice

·   For Athletes & Coaches
·   Optional Academy practice program for U8s-U18s practice for 1hr, this is an extra individual skills training and mentoring for athletes and coaches

* Co-ed divisions may be just male, but depend on the number of female registrations



whether you call iT soccer or football, we love this game. we think you and your child will, too.


Established in 1981, Huntertown Lions Soccer is a Recreational soccer academy for boys and girls 18 years and younger. Whether you want to introduce your Lil' Cub or Striker to his/her first sport, or help your established athlete  make the High School Team or Travel Team, we're here to help you succeed.


Our fields are located at the Allen County Fairgrounds, 2726 Carroll Road. Which includes a full-sided field for U18s, 3 short sided fields for U13s, U12s& U10s, 2 small youth fields for U8s and 4 extra small fields for U6s.

Our U8-U18s Recreational program has at least one practice per week with an optional Academy practice. Then games are played Saturday mornings from 8:30-1:45. U5-U7s have an Academy style practice for 15-30mins then a game for 30-45mins on Saturday morning.

Quick Reference of Our Programs