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Frequently asked questions about registering:

-I have not been contacted by my Coach, I don't know when we Practice or what are Game Schedule is like for this season?

Unfortunately, not all Coaches are created equally and some are better with technology or communicating with their teams than others! Sometimes Coach's emails end up in Junk or Spam boxes of your email, and/or maybe you did not provide a proper email when you registered your athletes! All of the above could be true, but before sending an email or contacting a Board member, take a look at your Athlete's GotSoccer account. Once you login to their Individual / Player's account or Family Account and Click on their name it will show you at the top of their profile, next to their name what team they are on! You may then take that information to the "Schedule" tab on this website to find their Coach's Name, when his/her practice day/time is and then scroll down to see their Game Schedule!


-How is my athlete's age group determined, & what age divisions does Huntertown Soccer offer? 

Below you will find the new Age Group Matrix by BIRTH YEAR, GotSoccer automatically uses this Matrix to place your athlete in an Age Group by their birthdate. The 2016-2017 Age Group, means in the Fall (after August 1st) your athlete is a certain Age Group that will be same Age Group in the Spring (until July 31st).

​We allow parents to play their athletes up 1 Age Group, this is important to understand as depending on how many athletes register per Age Group we may need to combine Age Groups to create an Age Division. Therefore, if your athlete is a U9 and you decide to play your athlete up to the U10 and we only have enough registered athletes to create a U10 and U11 Age Division then your U9 athlete will be playing with U11 athletes (unless you ask us to move them back down to their TRUE Age Group). We cannot move any athlete down from their given (Birth Year) Age Group.

​We try to keep Coaches/teams and Age Division the same from the Fall season to the Spring season. Therefore, from the Fall 2016 season we had the following Age Divisions; U5 coed, U7 coed, U9 boys, U9 girls, U11 boys, U12 girls, U14 coed and U19 coed.

-Does Huntertown Soccer have any discounts for Coaching, or multiply siblings registering as a family or offer any financial aid for families in need?

​Huntertown Soccer is a youth program under the Huntertown Lions Club, a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization. All are Coaches and Staff are volunteers, our registration fees are set at the lowest possible fee to run our program from season to season, we do not set our registration to the competitive pricing in this area. With that said, yes we do offer $15 Coaching vouchers for the athlete(s) you are coaching upon request, and if we have a Coaching slot open, please request a voucher before registering your athlete(s).

​You may create a family account through and add each of your athletes to that family account, if you are registering multiply athletes in your family. Creating a family account is the only way to receive a family discount. Unfortunately, has not come up with a shopping cart to pay for them all at once. Also, you will need to refresh the family account each season to find the Registration link. Therefore, in your family account search for "Huntertown" select our Club, then select the new Registration link to be added to your family account, then register each athlete (you will see a discount on the 2nd and 3rd siblings)

​If we have any remaining funds in our account at the end of the year we donate funds to charitable events, families in need and any other way we can help our community, all through the Huntertown Lions Club. Therefore, if you have a reasonable need for financial aid to register your athlete(s), we will not turn away families in need! If your family is in emergency financial need other than registering for our Youth programs, the Huntertown Lions Club has resources and a network of people/organizations to help you!

-Can we send our registration in by mail or use a paper registration and pay for our athlete's registration by cash or check?

​Unfortunately, we no longer except paper registrations with cash or check by mail. Each of the paper registrations in the past were input into by our Board members (many volunteer hours). Our registration is now all Online, if you are hesitate to use a credit card or pay-by-check Online you may purchase refillable/temporary credit card from a local grocery store or convinent store and use that to pay Online. Sorry for any inconvience this may cause you, but again we are a volunteer organization and we have had several problems with paper registrations and checks in the past.

-My son or daughter wants to play on the same team as his/her friend, this will help with carpooling to & from practices, I also like the Coach we have had in the past, therefore can I request for my athlete to be on his/her friend's team and request a certain Coach?

​For our U9 and below age divisions we try to accomidate requests, however U10 and up athletes are randomized and requests are only case by case instances by contacting the Club President, so only Head Coaches may request two of their athlete's fiends and Assistant Coaches may request one of their athlete's friend (therefore 5 athletes may carryover season by season at the Coaches request). We understand how busy everyone is and carpooling is sometimes a necessity for practices, we offer an Academy practice every Monday from 6-7 that all athletes are welcome to come to. Unfortunately, they may miss their team practice(s) but most Coaches will work with you or allow your athlete's friend to come to each others practices, each week and then play on separate teams on Saturday mornings. This is the only way we can ensure to keep our games competitive (close scoring games), otherwise dominate teams develop, teams get stacked, and we loose families because athletes are not having fun anymore and we ruined the game of soccer those individuals!